Unlimited Legal Advice on Contractual Disputes

from £125 plus VAT per month

One fixed annual fee

Ever wish you could pick up the phone for legal advice without worrying about the costs? Now, one annual fee gives you access to unlimited legal advice on contractual and debt collection disputes for no additional cost!

•  Access to a solicitor for all contractual disputes
•  Suitable advice before or after the issue of proceedings
•  Avoid issuing credit notes when your case is strong
•  Avoid wasted legal expenses when your case is weak
•  Get advice on mediation or other forms of dispute resolution
•  Need advice often? You could make significant savings!

For a modest annual fee of just £1,500 plus VAT for individual companies or £3,000 plus VAT for group companies, our experienced solicitors will provide you with expert advice on cases when you are faced with a debtor disputing your debt.

•  An estimate of your chance of success
•  Clarity on your legal position
•  Assessment of further evidence needed
•  Strategy and tactics in respect of collecting the debt
•  Advice on the next legal step to be taken
•  Set out the likely costs if you decide to proceed further

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