Fixed Fee Advice

Getting good advice at the outset of a dispute is vital. You might discover that a case is stronger than you first thought; or equally, that it is weaker than you think. Don't go to war without first counting the cost!

We have a range of fixed fee advice services. The idea is that you pay a single up-front fee for a specific piece of advice (or, below, you can pay a fixed annual fee for an unlimited number of cases where advice is needed).

We will clearly set out in advance what is included in the fixed fee and we guarantee that no matter how long it takes us to discuss the matter with you in order to finalise the final advice in writing,  we will not charge more than the agreed fee.

Our standard advice service is designed for use where you have a debt that is contested but you are unsure as to whether it is worth pursuing further.

For debts up to £10,000, fixed fee advice begins at £500 +VAT and for £10,001 upwards at £800 +VAT.


For a fixed fee we will: 

•  Estimate your chance of success
•  Set out your legal position
•  Set out the strategy and tactics in respect of collecting this debt
•  Set out the likely costs if you decide to proceed further

This will give you the opportunity to assess your chances before you commit to further litigation and any other costs.

And don't forget - if the debt is under £10,000 in value we will often be able to handle the entire defence on a fixed-fee basis.

Does your business need unlimited legal advice throughout the year?