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Why Draft Winding Up Petitions Get Debts Paid Faster Than Statutory Demands

Draft winding up petitions result in payment of 4 out of 5 debts, so why wait on a statutory demand? Statutory demands, or stat demands, are usually the first stage of an insolvency process. 

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A Lesson In Debt Recovery For A Former Student

Debt recovery for the education sector is a varied and complicated issue, particularly for the higher education sector including universities and distance learning providers. Overdue payments can range from library or parking fines, to unpaid accommodation or even tuition fees. At a time when education system budgets are under severe pressure, it is of the utmost importance for any institution to stay on top of its cash flow and secure any late payments through a debt collector.

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How To Shout The Loudest In Debt Recovery

Winding up petitions are all-too-often overlooked by businesses as an effective way to chase up and secure overdue payments from debtors.

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