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Do your customers owe you money? You have come to the right place

At Lovetts Solicitors, we’re here to help you formally recover your business debts

With over 20 years experience in all aspects of debt collection and recovery, using pre-legal and legal methods, we will know exactly how to help you in your specific circumstances.


Why outsource debt collection?

Minimise Costs

You'll stop spending money on overheads and extra staff, and we will seek to recover our costs for you.

Save Time

You won't have to chase overdue invoices any more, freeing your time for other important priorities.

Alleviate Pain

Debt recovery is frustrating and reduces staff morale. You won't have to deal with that anymore.

See the Benefits

With more time to dedicate to other aspects of your role in the business, your productivity will flourish.

Knowledge Hub

Letter Before Action Template & Guide

The first step in collecting your overdue invoices

Debt Collection Clauses for Terms & Conditions

Costs recovery clauses to assure a cost free debt collection service

Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims

Claiming payment of debts from individuals or sole traders

Do you need assistance collecting a UK based debt?

We can contact your debtor on your behalf for as little as £1.50 plus VAT

Are you having trouble pursuing international debts?

We will do the leg work for you on a completely risk free No Win - No Fee basis.

Does your situation require professional advice?

Our solicitors can advise on contract disputes with clear costs at each stage

Is your debtor an Individual or Sole Trader?

     Read more about the Pre-Action Protocol     

Why businesses use us...


Years of Debt Recovery Experience

When you use us for the first time, you will notice that we can handle every aspect of your case with absolute ease and efficiency.

Companies Serviced Each Year

We will provide you with a tailored service, developed by decades of success on behalf of a diverse range of clients.

Recovered For Our Clients Each Year

That's an average of £158,103 collected for our clients every working day. Your trust will be in competent hands.

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No hidden fees.
We keep your data safe and never share with other companies.

MGF not only has an excellent success rate with the cases Lovetts handle for us, but the costs recovered on a monthly basis normally cover the charges that we are invoiced.

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